Our Lady of Sorrows Sport Programs

  • Students in grade 1 through 6 must have adult supervision on the premises. These students may be asked by adult volunteers who they came with. Any unaccompanied students will be asked to call for a ride and be sent home.
  • The following areas are off limits: the back of the stage (including back stairs), corridors (except while going from one area to another), loitering in the lavatories, classrooms, the parking lot (including the outdoor hoops) and playground. In other words, students should be watching the game.
  • Students should not play or hang on the stage curtains.
  • Food and beverages are prohibited outside the cafeteria and should not be brought into the gym (spilled soda and food ruins the playing surface).
  • Balls are not to be brought to games under any circumstances (league rule).
  • Playing on the gym floor before game time, during half-time and between games is prohibited by league rule.
  • Students must behave in a manner consistent with sportsmanship (no booing, or noise during foul shooting) and good Christian behaviors should be followed at all times